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were are the women xD....couldn't help but hear shnoo shnoo. Okay time for the review.

By god the animation and art was amazing. To be honest it didn't even look like it was done by flash. Very smooth animation and I love the slinky physics you have (squash and stretch in animation terms).
Story was funny as hell and told in a great way. keep up the great work.



nice typography animation. kinda boring but still pretty fun to watch. Now I'm off to the sushi train xD


to all those people saying "ehh the animation was gay and the art was stupid"...can you not tell this isn't serious xD.


I think everything fit the story so well...The corny art and animation, the corny voice overs (which makes me laugh so much). and the serious yet not serious story. Love it keep up the great work.

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good game

fun game. Deffently a great game to kill time. The only complaint I have for this is the on screen display (combos, Lives ect). At times the Combo meter at the bottom right was getting in the way. I would almost always get it everytime I get cornered into there.
Maybe next time you should put a display bar at the bottom or something. and leave the on stage clean for us to see better.
other than that keep up the good work

Great Idea

Great Idea for a game...But its just way to hard. I could only get to level 20 after that its just stupid...here's some tips

When making a game what you (the creator) think is hard normally turns out 3 times as hard as the player. Making it a little easier will keep the fun factor in, instead of destroying it with frustration.

my god i've been up all night

I've been up all night playing this my god...I've never played a newgrounds game this long...maybe a few hours like 2 or 3 but not 8 hours straight.
Well this is a fun game. I am a sucker for games like Pokemon or leveling up games.

I'm at the final Guardian and man...Having so much trouble. I mean the dragon took me 30 minutes to kill but this thing god...not gonna lie I have every now and then spat the dummy when I loose or about to lose.
Still I plan on beating this game...first things first...I'm off to bed. Keep up the grate work.
I'm sure everyone who plays this will love it as well.
PS The music is great I like the 'estavius' song...kinda sounds like canon which is kewl.

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Wow this is amazing

This really is amazing. Do I smell East West in this :P. Nicely written. Its almost as good as Dannman87. Keep up the awesome work.

I'd be more than happy to lose to you in the Uplifting contest ;)

ahhh my room

my room is shaking...so..much...bass. Lol very nice, and clear as well keep up the great work ;)

Rekuiem responds:

Nice =] exactly what I hoped to do, thanks for the feedback.

I can't stop listening to this

I can't stop listening to this. Its just so...beautiful *wipes tear away from eye*.

I guess this should be a leason to kids...don't complain about other peoples work :P.

also you voice is so beautiful...in a non gay way. I could listen to it all day. speaking of which I couldn't help but remix this check it out if you wish ;)

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Nicely done


Nicely drawn, lighting is awesome. Keep up the great work

Nicely done

Nicely done. Love the lighting, Vray?
Looking forward to see the final result ;)

keep up the great work

Now that is cool

its been a while since I've seen an art work that's made me go...Now thats cool. Love the lighting you nailed that. Keep up the awesome work ;)

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